The life coaching sessions are the most relevant to those who wish to create/build/design a life of their desire or dreams. It is not counselling or guiding. The process of coaching is empowering. Thus, all sessions are in tandem to the vision of Dr. Monica Nagpal Agnihotri. She has an experience of 20 years as on date and has been instrumental in re-designing lives of many individual worldwide. The personal/life coaching sessions with her illuminate all the dead areas and bring in reforms which seem unimaginable or unachievable. She is a gifted and intuitive psychic and healer too which is an added advantage as one gets healed too in sessions with her. A charismatic personality, she has the mastery to impact the richest & the poorest, the ignoramus & the wise, helping them to envision their dreams by embracing self- empowerment. This is generally an hour long video session via. Zoom or any other feasible platform.

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Hello friends, I am Monica, and I wish to share the key points of the co-creative process of coaching between a coach and a client.

Let’s dive deeper to explore how and what happens in a coaching process. Thelife changing process of coaching comprises of three phases which are Preparation, Interaction & Solution. Now let’s look at the First phase which is the preparation phase

The best preparation is when coaches leave all the pre-assumptions, biases, prejudices and any personal notions in terms of culture, religion, region, race, preferences, orientations etc. aside and be ready to trust their clients completely

The next phase is when the actual interaction happens. During this period the coach listens to the clients deeply on multiple levels and may make mental notes about;

what the client is saying , what the client is not saying , what the/she actually wants to say.

While all this is happening a coach has to be like a clean slate (but not without wisdom). A good coach completely believes in every possibility and keeps the mind open for betterment of the client and trust all answers are already present within the client. The coach is there to bring out the possibilities to the surface without having to be overpowering or too influential.

In order to make my clients and students receptive to changes and answers I align their energetic infrastructure after taking permission from them. Thus, with balanced Chakras, cleaner Auras and activated DNA, they are benefitted more and much faster.

Generally a coach keeps it interactive and asks open-ended questions, close-ended questions, simple questions, thought provoking questions. Direct questions and some challenging questions are also asked sometimes to reach the best solution.

What coaches don’t do?
There are a few things that both the coach and client should keep in mind before starting this co-creation process of reaching solutions. Coaches aren’t supposed to either fix, diagnose or analyze on whatever the client is stating.

The coaches are not supposed to make any assumptions and also not allowed to judge their clients at any level. They can only make suggestions, give advice and consultation to resolve the issue. Now, when it is clear what coaches are supposed to do.

Let’s understand role of a client in this process.
Clients’ duty is to pay in advance, have a specific agenda and a clearly articulated topic for each coaching session. (Coach can start the session by bringing this out first in order to go in a direction constructively and productively)

It is beneficial for the client to have trust in the coach and the coaching process. It is mandatory to be punctual for the coaching sessions and must be ready to stay present in the process not just physically. The more truthful the client is the faster the results. Therefore it is duty of the clientto be willing to dig in their issues, shift their thinking and challenge their beliefs. Gradually the progressive clients take the responsibility of their life story.

While the coach will just dig deeper with various questions and consequently the clients start standing on their own and become competent in problem solving and decision making with ease and grace. This in short is the success story of the co-creative coaching process. The client goes back improved on different levels sometimes with knowingness, sometimes it takes a little longer to get to this knowingness of the shifts happening within.

I personally prefer to prepare and empower my clients to be the winners in all areas of the challenges that they come with. But I always respect their choices and pace. Look forward to facilitate your growth, see you soon.