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THZ – The Healing Zone, a leader in wellness industry and has become a platform for initiatives bringing qualitative changes in the service industry and the hard core business world.

The gelling Idea being able to manifest and create complete : spiritual & material Success for each and all with ease & grace.

The Healing Zone is committed to devise this idea of community service into a business model to share and teach the idea of Success in every field and facet of life. lance.

We at The Healing Zone Welcome you All!!

Welcome To Your Life Enterprise!

Our series of program prepares you for an exciting personal and professional growth. Choose any area of your life that you need to improve and choose to do it Now with determination. Join us & get ready to be a successful entrepreneur, certified healer, a tarot reader, a trainer or a coach etc. or choose another speciality designation that works for you.

Launch yourself in the Success mode Now.

We operate through a progressive idea called Harmonic Life Therapy (HLT) devised by Dr. Monica Nagpal Agnihotri owing to her own experiences with life and her 18+ years of experience of working with clients and students all over the world. Harmonic Life Therapy covers all areas of life. Choose your path now.