Divine Healing Cards deck is designed as a healing tool. Over the years, now it is used in a variety of ways. It is a very reader-friendly deck owing to its simplistic approach. You may read a quick and simple description in the following pages. This description is to be treated only as a basic guideline to use the Divine Healing Cards ™. The reader shall realize over a period of time, his /her intuition shall become better and improved. The psychic/intuitive abilities shall enhance as a consequence of healing that happens automatically owing to the regular use of the divinity impregnated in the cards.

These cards are also lovingly referred to as H.U.G.S. due to the Set wise classification which is as follows:

Set-1 : H (Healing) : 7 cards Set-2 : U (Understanding) : 7 cards
Set-3 : G (Guidance) : 7 cards Set-4 : S (Simulation) : 7 cards
Set-5 : Master Set : 3 cards

The deck comprising of 31 cards in total is a simple, small and easy to use deck with an imagery from day-to-day life and thus easier to relate to. The beauty of this deck is even if you do not know how to use the cards or read the cards, healing still happens. So, get going, have an easier, happier, funner and more blessed life.


This deck is useful even if you have no previous experience of healing or intuitive readings.The purpose of this deck to facilitate healing and guidance needs of the reader. Read the guidelines in the following pages and you are ready to help yourself with universal and divine energy of purity and love with absolute objectivity.

The regular use of this deck apart from making day to day life easier and happier subtly helps you grow spiritually. Such is the energy of this deck.